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Me. 11-24-05 19:45
So let's get this straight. Jessica gets on my account and complains about me...Let's see...she always bashes everything I ever say. She complains about her chair all the time but then when I offer to get it back to her she says...Oh bring it back in a few days. Let's not forget that she recently hacked onto my elowel and wrote a bunch of crap...for the second time. But she's still cool. She's still J-Bone...She's still my only friend in Bozeman right now...Rock on, J-Bone.
I'm sitting here at this great coffee house in Bozeman: The Leaf and Bean. But every Monday random people come in and introduce us to their dry, poorly written essays. Sure, they're entertaining for the first two minutes. But then by page five it's killing me and all of my friends. Everyone loses interest in the story and the poor guy or girl is left on stage babbling about whatever their topic is. Last week a man spoke for twenty minutes and all I remember is crows and strawberries. Great story, huh? Well, he's back so it's time for a little more hell.
My Poor Computer 11-21-05 18:48
My friend said that she blew up five computers last year in high school. So I shouldn't have let her drink something near my computer...Too late. Water everywhere and my computer does funny things...Thanks Christa.
Am I hazelnuts???? This douche needs to get off of the stage. No one is listening but everyone is laughing.
Lesbians and Coffee Sizes 11-07-05 00:09
So what the hell is the matter with small, medium, and large? It seems to be a fine system that has been working since the beginning of time. It can be used for clothing, food, hell...even condoms. But now with the coffee house boom a new system has arrived: Short, Tall, and Grande.......................................................................What the hell??? Why is large not good enough when I want the biggest cup? Are small, medium, and large just too simple and untrendy to be put in front of a latte order? It's probably a Starbucks thing. So support the local shops!
I can't find a better song than Crash Into Me. Sure, the DMB is my favorite band. And I come from their hometown where almost everyone like them. But I can't find a song that makes me feel any better. When I listen I can reflect, relax, or sing along. It's an amazing song from one of the best bands out there.
Garden State advice 11-05-05 22:08
I finally watched Garden State last night. Great movie with a happy ending. What I remember the most, besides the guy in the suit of armor, is what the girl said about herself and life. You have to learn to laugh at yourself. You can't take yourself too seriously or life will be very difficult. I think that is right on the mark. So when life gets tough, try to step back and laugh.
Good Times 11-05-05 01:03
Today I learned that life is good. It could better, but it could be a lot worse. I'm lucky enough to have a lot of great people I can call my friends. We truly have a great time at MSU. It's Friday. I did well on a math quiz. I walked outside while it snowed. I ate a pita at one in the morning. Obviously, it's the simply things in life that usually make me happy. But I believe it's that way for all of us. Next on my list is good sleep. It's been a while...Goodnight.
So my first two posts certainly will leave an impression on anyone who cares to read them. A generic hello from the website and Jessica sneaking on and proclaiming I'm a loser. Truth be told she's not so off but I think I'm doing all right. I'm from Virginia but I don't consider myself to be from the South. It only seems Southern to people because I'm at Montana State. Friends find out I'm from Virginia and are then disappointed that I don't have an accent. I miss sweet tea and sausage gravy. Those are two Southern traditions that I'm addicted to. I feel like Bozeman can be my home away from so this must have been the right choice for college. There are amazing people out here and they all seem to be my friends. Recently, I've become very close to my friend Jessica, J-Bone, Catwoman, whatever she wants to be called. I think there is something more than friendship between us because I don't know how else she could put up with me so often. But she's coming off of a bad relationship and needs time. There's nothing wrong with that. I've seen too many of my friends rush in and get hurt. I figure if there's more, then nothing will change if she needs time. My other friends usually listen to my drama but I figured I'd give them a night off. But really, that's the worst of my problems right now so life isn't too bad. I hate math and love baseball. I can eat pizza everyday but I'd feel guilty. My favorite color is orange and it's pretty obvious but the way I dress sometimes. I want to travel everywhere and see everything. I know...That's a weak and unspecific statement but it's the truth. And by the way, my name is Matt.
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